Monday, November 30, 2009

Alkutalvi - The Beginning of Winter

Our barred rock rooster with a silver-laced Wyandotte hen. They tolerate the snow, but don't really like it. Once it gets a few inches deep, they stay inside their coop.

Veikko, the wonderdog.

Tractor tire tracks in soft ground.

The last remaining berries of summer - lowbush cranberries?

Ice forming on the pond.

Ice grapes.

Our lakefront estate.

I had to sacrifice a few spruces that were shading our new greenhouse.

Hunting on a mountain bike is completely legal. You see about as many deer as you do walking, and you cover a lot more ground.

David and Jonathan putting up Christmas lights in a spruce.

It was much easier years ago when the tree was small...

...but it's well worth the effort.

When Christmas morn is dawning....

...actually, the first day of Advent.

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