Saturday, September 19, 2009

David and Deanna throwing firewood into the basement. No more wheelbarrowing.

Marja and I made five more Finnish taytekakkua for Mik and Jeni's reception.

At the reception.

After all the honey was bottled I brought the pails, wax cappings, etc. out to the beeyard to let the bees clean up the residue. When they're through, nothing is even sticky anymore.

Kalevi enjoying one of the six chickens he and Veikko caught outside the fence. I had brushed up against the fence with my brush mower and didn't notice until too late that it actually ripped a hole in the fence. The young chickens saw their opportunity to explore the world out there and found out that the things that keep the predators away are actually predators themselves. It was my own fault and I didn't begrudge the dogs an honest meal. They ate until they were stuffed and then laid down guarding their next course.

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