Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Apples at the Wiitala Farm

I have many childhood memories here. My grandparents only spoke Finnish so I wasn't able to communicate that well with them, but there remains a rich treasury of sounds, sights and smells. Grandpa used to sit out in front of the house in the evening chewing tobacco and watching the traffic pass by. I remembers seeing liquid manure coming out of cow for the first time in the old barn. I liked eating sugar lumps out of the green sugar bowl. We didn't have sugar lumps at home. When I was twelve years old I beat grandpa in arm wrestling, which for a man who had been proud of his strength throughout his life, was stunning. I think he challenged me later beat me though. There was an old privy and with Montgomery Wards catalog for TP. The cows were very big and kind of scarey, particularly when they mooed.

Aunt Tuovi and Marja

All the pasture needs is a few cows.

Uncle Reino tore down the old barn but replaced it with a smaller structure in keeping with the simple design and spirit of the old one. I remember playing in the haybales in the old one.

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