Monday, September 7, 2009

The World's Fanciest Burn Barrel

Grandpa built it in his garage. He turns 89 this month. The cylinder is at least 1/8" steel.
The barrel has a rain lid and a screen lid to keep burning paper from flying off. It has a steel channel air draft to provide combustion air to the bottom of the barrel. The unit rotates on the stand to allow the ashes to be easily dumped into a wheelbarrow, or piled for later disposal.

Grandma following the installation process.

A full moon over the pines. It always reminds me of the full moon that we saw the evening before Mikael was born.

Our sauna, built by a spring, with a loft above.

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  1. Grandpa sure has put his engineering and welding to use over the years. Always a project in the making. Countless projects that he's conquered. Very impressive.