Monday, September 7, 2009

A caterpillar infestation in red pines, fortunately not a severe one. Most people have little use for these critters after the bad outbreak of forest tent caterpillars a few years ago, but I had to admire these guys. Not much else can eat pine needles, and they really are beautiful.

Flying ants swarm in on warm calm afternoons in late August and early September. We saw some of these at Agate Beach and watched seagulls catching them in the air like swallows.

An excellent year for blackberries. We've gotten several gallons from this patch. They make the world's best jam.

Goldenrod gets blamed for allegies that it doesn't cause. It is pollinated by insects, not by the wind. Honeybees love it.

The seventh annual Jeffers High School XC invitational held at the Kilpela farm. It was a gorgeous warm day.

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